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Every commission is calculated individually and specifically for each customer. The attached pricelist can therefor just be a guideline.

In general, I build sabers in different tiers,

- as a stuntsaber with just LED

- different Soundboard options, with single color LED or with different colors and full RGB

 Between 200€ and 800€, everything is possible.


(as general info,  each commission can vary individually)

Saber                                            (Hilt parts as requested

      made from my own parts                        re-machined,

as well as MHS sabers                                         including Details like leather, colors etc.)


As a stuntsaber:

-         Hilt as requested

-         LED in desired color

-         Removable 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery with/without rechargeport   220-260€


With Sabertec Golden Harvest v3 soundboard:

-         Hilt as requested

-         RGB LED or Neopixel Connector or Single-color Tri Cree LED

-         Sabertec Golden Harvest v3 soundboard (with Smooth Swing) with infinite possible soundfonts (15 pre-installed), changeable on SD card, Blade Effects und sensitivity fully tuneable

-         2W premium speaker

-         18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery with recharge port

-         Single activation switch    OR 2 switches (customers choice)                                 450-550€



-         Etchings (from single symbols up to completely etched hilts)                                                                                                           50-150€

-       Anodizing (in color of your choice, depending on work, number of parts)                                                                                                                                30-150€


Blade in desired length, charger, presentational stand, belt clip und blade plug are available seperately.

For policies regarding commissions (in english), please contact my.


Not associated with LUCASFILM LTD. or any LFL Ltd. Film or Franchise.   We do not sell replicas of any kind.