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Argent One

I'm very proud to present to you my first small series saber, the Argent One.

What's special about this saber is that you can buy it right now, as is, or have it customized by me!

In general, the Argent One is available in a standard variant, seen here:
(Render pictures will be exchanged for real ones soon)











In Addition you can choose to order this saber with one or two holes for switches/recharge port.



Since it is my personal belief that a saber should fit and be made for it's master, I offer a lot of variations and customizations on the Argent One. A couple of presets can be found here. These are also available in my shop via Drop Down menu.

In the rear part:

  • Leather wrap in 9 different designs
  • 8 ribs along the length of the saber
  • small grooves with 3mm spacing
  • middle grooves with 6mm spacing
  • large grooves with 10mm spacing

The middle and large grooves are also perfectly suited for rubber o-rings, which you can get with the saber as well.

Here is an example for the different possibilities (Leather and ribs can be seen on the other pictures):





Top to bottom

- Blank, Standard

- small grooves

- large grooves with rubber o-rings

- middle grooves

- (Blank, anodized black)

In the front section:

-         small grooves with 3mm spacing

-         middle grooves with 6mm spacing

-         large grooves with 10mm spacing









In addition, it is possible to order the saber with smaller holes for LED bezel switches instead of the 12mm holes (shown here on another saber)



Also, I will offer more customization on request.

This includes:

-         Anodizing in color of your choice, including re-machining of areas in silver

-         Etchings of lettering or symbols

-         Grooves

Examples of these will be added over time, so that the gallery of Argent Ones will get bigger over time!





Additionally to an empty hilt you can of course get the Argent One completely installed, as





-         Stuntsaber with removable battery/with recharge port, no sound

-         With Nano Biscotti soundboard

-         With Pico Crumble soundboard

-         With Prizm soundboard


-        Overall length 26,5cm

-         Outer diameter 30mm – 38mm

-         Inner diameter in rear section 30mm / 1,18“

-         Weigth empty 150g

-        includes set screws for LED module and blade




















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